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K Factory Automation Services has large inventory of Fanuc parts in stock and we maintain a full service in-house repair facility.


Alpha Series Power Supply, Spindle and Servo

Alarm List and Description    

Alpha SVM AL-5

Manual List                            

Alpha SVM H3xx

Alpha Unit Cooling Fans        

Alpha SVM H2xx

A06B-6089/6090 Alarm List

Series 16T/ 16M/ 16TA/ 16TB/ 16MA/ 16MB/ 16MC/ 16TC/ 16T/ 16M/ 18T/ 18M/ 18TA/ 18TB/ 18TC/ 18MA/ 18MB/ 18MC

Alarm List and Description

SRAM Memory Card Information

Memory Backup Battery Replacement

Locate and Identify Battery

Series 16iTA/ 16iTB/ 16iMA/ 16iMB/ 18iTA/ 18iMA/ 18iMB/ 18iTB/ 21iTA/ 21iMA/ 21iTB/ 21iMB

Alarm List and Description

CompactFlash Card Information

Fanuc Alarm 700 701

Screen Display Change

Alpha-i Series Power Supply, Spindle and Servo

Alarm List and Description

Alpha-i Cooling Fan Information

Manual List

Alpha-i Cooling Fan Alarms

Beta Servo

A06B-6093-H151~H154 (Alarm List)

AC Spindle (A06B-6044-Hxxx, A06B-6055-Hxxx, A06B-6059-Hxxx, A06B-6064-Hxxx)

Alarm List (A06B-6064-Hxxx)

Manual List

A06B-6044-Hxxx  and A06B-6055-Hxxx Spindle Units (Alarm/ Description)


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