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Welcome to our tech support page featuring the most common Fanuc CNC and drives troubleshooting tips and procedures. 
For more than 20 years, we at KFAS have provided this courtesy service to our customers. 
We are pleased to offer our most popular tech bulletins online. Browse the topics and let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Technical Tip Videos

RS232 serial communication setup

About Memory Backup Batteries

Fanuc hardware identification

Part number search

Identify Daito fuses (green/ clear/ black)

Identifying Fanuc control on Mori Seiki

Memory /data backup procedures

Purchase Machine Parameter Data

Fanuc 0 Alarms

Fanuc 10/11 Alarms

Fanuc 15A Alarms

Fanuc 15i Alarms

Fanuc 16/18 Alarms

Fanuc 16i/21i Alarms

Fanuc 6 Alarms

Alpha PSM 6077/ 6087 Alarms

Alpha SPM 6078/ 6088/ 6102 Alarms

Alpha SVM 6079/ 6096 Alarms

Alpha-i PSM 6110 Alarm 

Beta-i SVPM A06B-6134 Alarm

Alpha-i SPM Alarms

Alpha-i SVM Alarms

Alpha-i Cooling Fans

Fanuc 10/11 Master PCB LED Status

AC Spindle A06B-6052 Alarms

AC Spindle A06B-6055 Alarms

AC Spindle A06B-6044 Alarms

Alpha-i Unit Cooling Fan List

A06B-6059-Hxxx Model 1S-3S

A06B-6059-Hxxx Model 6S-26S

LCD and LCD backlights

Helpful videos on Youtube

Fanuc 16i/ 18i/ 21i SRAM backup

Alpha Series Amplifier Cooling Fan Replacement

Fanuc 16/18 Alarm 700/701

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