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Daito fuses used on Fanuc Controls

DM Series

DM03 (0.3A)       DM05 (0.5A)       DM10 (1.0A)       DM20 (2.0A)       DM32 (3.2)

GP Series

GP50 (5.0A)
    GP75 (7.5A)

HM Series

HM03 (0.3A)    HM05 (0.5A)    HM10 (1.0A)    HM20 (2.0A)    HM32 (3.2A)    HM50 (5.0A)

HP Series

HP10 (1.0A)    HP20 (2.0A)    HP32 (3.2A)    HP50 (5.0A)

LM Series

LM03 (0.3A)    LM05 (0.5A)    LM10 (1.0A)    LM20 (2.0A)    LM32 (3.2A)    LM50 (5.0A)

MP and SMP Series

MP10 (1.0A)    MP20 (2.0A)    MP32 (3.2A)    MP50 (5.0A)

SMP10 (1.0A)    SMP20 (2.0A)    SMP32 (3.2A)    SMP50 (5.0A)

Daito fuses are identified by their amperage. Select LM Daito Fuse from LM03, LM05, LM10, LM13, LM16, LM20, LM32, LM40, LM50. 

Fanuc Part Number for fuses are A60L-0001-0xxx. 
Color - Black or Transparent body type. Size in mm - 10x4x8 
LM series Daito micro fuses are typically used on Fanuc control circuit boards or power supplies. 
The LM fuse comes in black or clear which is why both are shown. 


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