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Fanuc Alarm SP9056 

30i-B 31i-B 32i-B 35i-B 
SP9056 or AL-56 indicates Internal Cooling Fan Stopped

A06B-6220 Alarm 56, A06B-6220-H015 Alarm 56, AL-56

Alarm 56 on the Alpha i spindle amplifier indicates a failure of the internal cooling fan.

When the spindle amplifier faults out for an internal fan alarm, it does so in two stages.  When it first detects a fan problem, the amplifier goes into a warning mode, and if the fan issue hasn't corrected within one minute, it goes into an alarm state.

The word "FAN" flashes in the status LED when the CNC detects that a spindle amplifier is in the warning state.

While the spindle amplifier is in the warning state, the servo amplifiers are still powered up and able to move the machine around.  

The SP 9056 alarm indicates that the amplifier is in the alarm state and all of the amplifier units immediately become NOT READY.

Look for the unit that is displaying a 56.

Fanuc Alarm SP9056 AL-56

Alpha-iB series of amplifiers (A06B-62xx-Hxxx) also have a diagnostic that shows you the fan speed on your Fanuc CNC. CNC diagnostic 1723 reports the RPM reading of the fan, diagnostic 1724 is for the amplifiers that have two internal fans.
Normal Status

Abnormal Status

You will need to open the electrical cabinet with power applied potentially exposes you to danger. Don't attempt to perform these troubleshooting steps if you are not fully qualified to do so.
On the Alpha-iB series amplifiers, the replacement of the fan is made easy and you don't need to remove the amplifier and no tools are required.
The internal cooling fan and its housing lift off of the top and it goes back in the same way it came out. Squeeze these two tabs to release the house and lift as shown below. 

A06B-6220 Alarm SP9056 AL-56

Internal Fan: A90L-0001-0580#B


A06B-6220-H022, A06B-6220-H026 Alarm 56, A06B-6220-H030 Alarm 56, A06B-6220-H055
Internal Cooling Fan: A90L-0001-0581



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