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Subject: Possible Motor/Amp Combination Alarm message at power on after replacing the servo amplifier

Description: Some of the Fanuc systems may generate Alarm 466 or similar indicating Motor/Amp Combination Alarm message at power on after replacing the servo amplifier.

Corrective action: Set Parameter 2165 for the corresponding axis to zero.

Push in/press Emergency Stop(E-STOP) button.

To change the parameter, set the machine in MDI mode.

Then press “SETTING” key, then change “Parameter Write Enable (PWE)” = 1.

Alarm 100 “Parameter write enabled” will generate. This is normal.

Press “SYSTEM” key on the keyboard to go to “PARAMETER” page.

Type in “2165” then press softkey “NO. SCRH”(number search) the cursor will advance to parameter number 2165.

Parameter 2165 will have two settings (one for each axis).

If the alarm(466?) was showing for both axes (such as X and Z), then change both settings of parameter 2165 = 0 (Zero).

If alarm (466?) is only on one axis, then change only the corresponding axis of the parameter 2165 to 0.

Then return to the setting screen by pressing “SETTING” key and then change parameter write enable(PWE) = 0.

Power off the control and then back on.

Control should come up normal (but with pulse coder zero return if your system is equipped with absolute pulse coders)  

If the motor(s) vibrate at power on with the new amplifier, please change the Parameter 2021 for the corresponding axis to half of the current setting (for example, if X-axis is vibrating, and the current value of PRM 2021 for X = 256, then change to X= 128). Power off/on and try again. If still the same problem, please try reducing by another half (X=64), power off/on and see if the situation improves.

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