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A06B-6114-H301 SVM3-i 4/4/4-i

Rated Input: 283-325VDC 0.7 kW

Rated Output Current: L axis    1.5 A

                                           M axis    1.5 A

                                           N axis    1.5 A

A06B6114H301 B65282E Manual

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Understanding Cooling Fan Alarms

A06B-6114-H301 Alarms Meaning and action to be taken

Alarm     Meaning
1              Internal Fan Stopped (FAL)
2              Low control power voltage (LV5V)
5              Low DC link voltage (LVDC)
6              Inverter Overheat          Alarm "6" or "b"
F              External Cooling Fan Stop
P              Communication Error
8              L-axis over-current (HCL)
9              M-axis over-current (HCM)
A              N-axis over-current (HCN) 
b             L & M-axis over-current     Alarm "6" or "b"
C             M & N-axis over-current
d             L & N-axis over-current
E              L, M, N -axis over-current
8.             L-axis IPM alarm (IPML)
9.             M-axis IPM alarm (IPMM)
A.             N-axis IPM alarm (IPMN) 
b.            L & M-axis IPM alarm
C.            M & N-axis IPM alarm
d.            L & N-axis IPM alarm
E.             L, M, N-axis IPM alarm
L            FSSB Disconnect COP10A
U            FSSB Disconnect COP10B

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