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A06B-6111-H030  SPM-30i

Rated INPUT: 283-325VDC 35kW

 Rated OUTPUT: 230VAC  133A

A06B6111H030 B65282E Manual

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 A06B-6111-H030 Alpha-i Spindle Amplifier Module uses internal cooling fan A90L-0001-0511 and external cooling fan A50L-0001-0509

A06B-6111-H030 Alarms Meaning 
Alarm     Description
0, 00     Amplifier is ready (normal operating state)

1, 01     Spindle motor over temp

2, 02     Actual motor speed is deviated from the commanded speed.

3, 03     DC link fuse has blown

4, 04     Open phase detected in the 3-phase input to the the PSM.

6, 06     Temperature sensor disconnected

7, 07     Excessive speed

9, 09     The heat sink of the SPM overheat.

11         PSM detected that the DC link overvoltage

12         DC link overcurrent

15         Spindle switching operation sequence error.

18         EPROM checksum error.

19         U phase current detection error.

20         V phase current detection error.

21         Position sensor polarity setting incorrect

24         Serial transfer data error (or The power to the CNC is turned off).

27         Position coder signal disconnect.

29         An excessive load

30         Overcurrent in the PSM.

31         Motor lock alarm.

32         Serial communication LSI memory error.

33         The PSM/DC Link charge error.

34         Parameter data outof range.

36         Error counter overflowed.

37         Speed detector parameter error

41         Position coder one-rotation signal detection error.

42         Position coder one-rotation signal not detected.

46         Position coder one-rotation signal detection error during thread cutting.

47         Position coder signal error.

50         Excessive speed command in spindle synchronization.

51         PSM DC link undervoltage.

52         The synchronization signal (ITP) error.

53         The synchronization signal (ITP) error.

54         Current overload alarm

55         Abnormal spindle switching control.

56         Internal cooling fan error.

58         PSM internal temperature high.

59         PSM internal cooling fan stopped.

66         Communication alarm between spindle and SPM.

73         Motor sensor is disconnected.

74         SPM CPU alarm

75         SPM CPU alarm

79         Abnormal initial start up alarm

81         Motor sensor one-rotation signal detection error.

82         Motor sensor one-rotation signal not detected

83         Motor sensor signal error

84         Speed sensor disconnected.

85         Spindle sensor one-rotation signal detection error.

86         Spindle sensor one-rotation signal not detected.

87         Spindle sensor signal error

88         SPM External cooling error.

A, A1, A2     SPM Program ROM error

b0         Communication error between amplifier modules

C0, C1, C2     Communication data error between the CNC and SPM.

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