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Fanuc A06B-6090-H234 replaces A06B-6066-H234

A06B-6090-H234 SVUC 2-12/40

Rated Input: 200~230 VAC 11A at 200V

Rated Output Current: L axis: 2.9A, L axis: 8.7A

A06B6090H234 B65192E Manual

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A06B-6090-H234 Alarms Meaning and action to be taken

Alarm     Meaning
1            Over Voltage Alarm (HV) 
2            Low Control Voltage Alarm (LV)
3            Low DC Link Voltage Alarm (LVDC)
4            Regenerative Control Circuit Alarm (DCSW)
5            Over Regenerative Discharge Alarm (DCOH) 
7            Dynamic brake Circuit Failure Alarm (DBRLY)
8            L-Axis Over current Alarm (HCL)
9            M-Axis Over current Alarm (HCM)
8.           L-Axis IPM Alarm (IPML)
9.           M-Axis IPM Alarm (IPMM)
b            L & M Axes Over Current 
b.           L & M Axes IPM Alarm

AL-2 or Alarm 2 Troubleshooting Steps for A06B-6066-H234
If the Alarm 2 occurs at power on (as opposed to while the machine is in operation) and the alarm can be reset after warm-up, the problem is most likely the servo amplifier.

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