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Alarm List for A06B-6058-Hxxx 

A06B-6058 Series Servo Units are equipped with LEDs  to indicate alarm condition. 

A20B-1003-0090 (A06B-6058-Hxxx)  

A16B-1200-0800 (A06B-6058-H2xx)

A16B-1100-0330 (A06B-6058-H3xx)

LED     description                             Alarm Condition
5V          Power On (Green LED)    Drive OK
DRDY    Ready (Green LED)           Drive OK
HV          High Voltage Alarm           DC Voltage High
HC          High Current Alarm           Excessive DC Link current
LV          Low Voltage Alarm             DC Voltage Low
DC         Discharge Alarm               Discharge Capacity Exceeded
OH         Overheat Alarm                 Open Thermostat contact


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